Sunday, July 1, 2012

My House: Saturday Steak Night - Ribeye

After a long week of studying for the Bar I took a partial simulated exam to see where I stand. I found out I still have a lot of studying to do. To deal with my sorrows I decided nothing would be better than having a nice steak at home with a decent class of wine.

I went up to Marsh's Sunfresh and looked at what they had in their bargain bin. I was delighted to find 2 excellent looking Certified Angus Ribeye's waiting there for me. At a price of $8.99 for 2 large juicy 1.5 inch thick steaks I was beginning to forget the fact that this was going to be the most exciting Saturday Night that I've had in some time.

I have been eating a lot of lower quality steaks on these steak nights at bars. There is something fun about going out and grabbing a steak while not dropping a ton of money. But sometimes the best steak is the one you make at home. With some Certified Angus Beef to grill I was a very happy camper. Certified Angus Beef is a step above a choice cut, but is not to the high standard of the Prime Cut. For someone who wants a good steak, but doesn't have $15-$20 to spend per steak, Certified Angus Beef is a great way to go. Yes, That is an awesome penguin martini shaker in the background! 

Here (click on here) is an excellent article from on Certified Angus Beef for anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about this great cut.

I like to use a little bit of Worcestershire sauce on the steak, but some people go crazy with it. I just use a shake or two on each side. Tonight I actually added a few splashes of Whiskey to the steak when I was marinading the steak. Not really sure it added anything.

After applying the marinade, for those who have yet to read my previous steak night at home article, here is the drill. I let the steak sit out for an hour or so to get near room temperature before I put it on the Grill. During that time I use kosher salt to salt the outside of the steak. I salt one side and let it sit for 30 minutes, then flip and repeat. It important to use kosher or large flakes of sea salt here! I realize there is controversy on whether to do this or not. I've tried it both ways and I end up with a better steak every time when I do it this way. The other side argues by pre-salting while the meat is warming to room temperature you pull some of the juice out of the steak.

Because a Ribeye is so juicy and fatty I like to switch it up every now and then. Instead of just adding kosher salt and cracked pepper to the outside for a crust, I added a bit of red pepper flakes too. The light amount of extra spice goes great with the wine, but again, don't go overboard here or you'll lose the natural awesomeness of the steak flavor. In the picture above, only one steak had the red pepper flakes.

I also like to let my grill get very hot, I wish I could tell you how hot, but I can't as the thermometer is busted on my grill. I normally let 2 burners run for about 15 minutes before putting them on when using propane. If using charcoal you'll need to feel it out, look for the coals to be white hot. 

Once the grill is hot enough I throw the steak on the grill. I use my phone's stop watch feature to allow 1 minute and 40 seconds of cook time (lid shut).  I then do a quarter turn of the steak on the same side and let it sit for another minute and 40 seconds. Next I flip the steak and let it cook for another minute 40, do a final quarter turn on the grill, and let it go another minute 40.   Then the steak is done and you'll have an excellent juicy steak that should be medium rare. 

Onto the steak! 

It was soooooo nice to have a good cut of beef!

It reminded me of how much better a good cut like a Certified Angus Steak can be over a choice cut of beef that most restaurants use for their steak nights. 

This steak had a wonderful amount of fat that kept the juices in the steak. There was the perfect amount of salt and pepper crusting the outside, and was cooked perfectly to my liking. My compliments to the chef!  

To accompany this steak I had a simple baked sweet potato and an iceberg salad, with ranch and red bell peppers. I topped it off with some Pinot Noir and was in heaven. Quite a pleasant way to spend Saturday night!     

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